MC Asia Holdings Limited ("MCAH") was set up in 2005 with the investment objective of owning and investing in real estate and real estate-related assets in Asia; initially focusing on South East Asia.

Portfolio and Investments
MCAH focuses on investing in income-producing real estate. Managed by MC Asia Management Pte Ltd, MCAH invested portfolio consisted of an office building (formerly known as Dapenso Building) situated in the prime Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore. In Malaysia, MCAH, through an SPV, owns an industrial property (known as Bangunan BKA) in Bukit Jelutong Industrial Park in Shah Alam.

The Way Forward
Going forward, MCAH’s focus continues to be on well-located prime good quality assets. MCAH will maintain its execution strategy of being proactive and prudent in its capital management as well as proactive asset management.