What MCAM Brings to a Partnership

Multi-disciplinary Skills 
The Directors bring with them rich and diverse experience across the entire spectrum of the property value chain. Whether site evaluation, property development, refurbishment, revamping tenant mix, managing construction costs, investment and divestment, risk management, the MCAM team has done it all. In other words, it is just as comfortable with the nuts and bolts of refurbishing an old building as evaluating the financial scenarios of an entry/exit plan.

Access to Strong Partners in Asia 
Over their careers, the Directors have had a hand in managing, developing and repositioning a number of properties and asset-class across various cities in Asia. In short, their experience is Asia-wide, well established, tried and tested. The map below shows the asset types they had worked on in respective cities. As a result, the Directors have formed working relationships and friendships with the owners and top executives of some of the major real estate groups in Asia. Their links with these local groups were forged over the years and strengthened during the financial crisis that hit Asia in the late 1990s as they worked together to overcome the many challenges that confronted these assets. These partnerships are valuable and are available for any real estate investor seeking opportunities in these Asian markets.

Values of Integrity and Commitment
The Directors built their careers in big and reputable firms. They have operated in environments with strict business practices and over these years, they have adopted these as their personal code of conduct in business and in managing partnerships. They uphold the value of integrity and always strive hard especially when confronted with challenges in order to achieve a win-win outcome for all whenever possible. Their commitment to surpassing investors' and partners' expectations has also been key in forging the strong relationships that they now enjoy with many business leaders in the region.

Value Creation 
Having been through a few property cycles, the Directors are able to spot opportunities where others with less experience may not. Once an acquisition is made, the MCAM team’s main focus is to unlock and create value from the assets under their charge through subtly combining their knowledge of real estate international best practices with local Asian knowledge and cultures. These are core skills in maximising returns and achieving the investment objectives for their clients.