Management Team


Mr Larry Chua, Managing Director
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  •   The Fund & Investor Relations Manager
    The Manager is responsible for the overall performance of the Fund. He sets out the investment parameters as laid down and agreed by the investors in the Fund. He then works closely with the Investment and Asset Management teams to review all acquisition & divestment recommendations in order to ensure optimal Fund performance. The Fund Manager is also responsible for maintaining timely and transparent communication with the investors and stakeholders.

  • Investment Team
    The Investment team is responsible for sourcing and acquisition activities with the intention to optimise the investment portfolio mix. Besides identifying and analysing potential investment targets, the team also evaluates alternative investment and asset holding structures to enhance total returns. The Investment team works closely with the Asset Management team to identify, review and execute divestment strategies.

  • Asset Management Team 
    The Asset Management team is responsible for unlocking/adding value to the investment portfolio through asset enhancement strategies with the view to maximise the rental income of the investment and minimise operating expenses. This team works closely with the Property Manager to ensure swift execution of asset management activities, foster closer relationships with the tenants and cater to their current and future space requirements. The Asset Management team also coordinates with the Investment team to identify, periodically review and execute the divestment strategies.

  • Finance Team
    The Finance team is responsible for ensuring that all finance-related functions are in place to support investment and asset management strategies. These, among others, comprise financial reporting, budgeting, treasury and tax planning activities. This team is also in charge of the sourcing and managing funding needs for the ongoing operations and new acquisitions. The team is responsible for the Treasury function as well.