company overview

MC Asia Management Pte Ltd ("MCAM") is an Asian boutique investment and asset management company that is focused on optimizing total returns for its clients by unlocking or adding value to all its real estate investments.

MCAM manages private real estate funds and real estate related assets through dedicated funds or separate accounts for institutions, corporations and individuals. MCAM is responsible for the management and administration of the funds and assets, as well as implementation of the investment and asset strategies. Its first investment vehicle, MC Asia Holdings Limited, is focused on income-producing real estate in Asia, starting with Southeast


Management Team

  • The Fund & Investor Relations Manager
    The Manager is responsible for the overall performance of the Fund
  • Investment Team
    The Investment team is responsible for sourcing and acquisition activities with the intention to optimise the investment portfolio mix
  • Asset Management Team
    The Asset Management team is responsible for unlocking/adding value to the investment portfolio through asset enhancement strategies with the view to maximise the rental income of the investment and minimise operating expenses.
  • Finance Team
    The Finance team is responsible for ensuring that all finance-related functions are in place to support investment and asset management strategies


What MCAM Brings to a Partnership

Multi-disciplinary Skills
The Directors bring with them rich and diverse experience across the entire spectrum of the property value chain.

Access to Strong Partners in Asia
Over their careers, the Directors have had a hand in managing, developing and repositioning a number of properties and asset-class across various cities in Asia.

Values of Integrity and Commitment
The Directors built their careers in big and reputable firms.

Value Creation
Having been through a few property cycles, the Directors are able to spot opportunities where others with less experience may not.

Investment Strategy & Objectives

MCAM’s principal investment strategy
is to focus on unlocking/adding value to real estate assets with the aim of securing optimized income from these assets. Its key objectives are to deliver regular and stable distributions to the shareholders and to achieve long-term growth in the net asset value so as to provide shareholders with a competitive rate of return for their investment.