Investment strategy

MCAM’s principal investment strategy is to focus on unlocking/adding value to real estate assets with the aim of securing optimized income from these assets. Its key objectives are to deliver regular and stable distributions to the shareholders and to achieve long-term growth in the net asset value so as to provide shareholders with a competitive rate of return for their investment.

MCAM intends to implement its investment strategy in accordance with the following guidelines:

>> Investment portfolio primarily comprising of established and income-producing properties with enhancement opportunities.

>> Investments will be made, depending on investment opportunities and conditions, in Singapore and in the Pan-Asian Region.

>> Investments will generally be for the long-term.

MCAM plans to achieve its key objectives through the following:

>> Active Asset Management Strategy . Leveraging on the property portfolio’s competitive strengths to optimise rental income, occupancies and Net Lettable Areas so as to increase property yields.

>> Acquisition Growth Strategy . Identifying and selectively acquiring properties and portfolio that meet the fund’s investment criteria.

>> Capital and Risk Management Strategy . Employing appropriate debt and equity financing policies and other suitable strategies to manage fluctuation risks in interest rates and foreign exchange rates.